Indoor & Video Art Lucca Biennale Cartasia, Paper Art

Lucca Biennale Cartasia

Entry Deadline: Sep. 30

Via di Tiglio 370
Lucca, ITL 55100
PHONE 39 34971-29326

LUBICA – Lucca Biennale Cartasia is the most important event celebrating Paper as an artistic and architectural means worldwide. It takes place every two years in the city of Lucca, Tuscany. Founded in 2004, LUBICA made a pledge to promote tradition, culture, sustainability, and innovation. Its 12th edition will take place in 2024, marking 20 years of activity. LUBICA aims at bringing together and offering inspiring new opportunities to artists who are looking for a challenge, want to “educate about beauty”, take care of the Other, and are willing to think outside the box to come up with new points of view.

GOALS  The competition is open to both professional and emerging artists interested in creating artworks that involve the use of paper in bold and innovative ways in order to enhance the original features of this material. The selected artworks will be exhibited in LUBICA’s indoor venues.

THEME   The theme of LUBICA’s 12th edition is “Here and Now: Tomorrow”
Nowadays, nothing seems to last and people often seem to act only in the here and now, without considering the consequences of their actions, as if they faced no tomorrow. Art, on the other hand, has always had its eyes set on the future, and on the human mind’s countless opportunities to travel beyond itself, in search of new worlds to build, imagine and discover. At the same time, knowing how to live in the present – the here and now – is crucial to our existence. The present is the only time in which we can truly exist, grow, feel, love, and rejoice. Too often, we forget about this simple fact and end up repeating the same actions over and over as if in a trance, that of linear time, the time of our ego, of material living. The outside world, society, our obligations, as well as social media are constantly calling our attention away from the here and now, distracting us from the present moment, postponing it to a later time, tomorrow, maybe.


– Predominant use of paper and cardboard;
– Being at least 18 years old;
– All art forms are allowed.

Each artist can submit a minimum of 1 (one) and a maximum of 20 (twenty) artworks, except for those taking part in the Video Art and/or Digital Graphic, and Video Environment sections, who may only submit 1 (one) proposal. The following formats are accepted: videos, movies, artworks realized using animation techniques on any kind of digital or analogic support.

To take part in the competition, artists must:

– Fill in the entry form and the technical form B attached to this Call;
– Pay a € 30 entry fee either via:
bank transfer to the following Banco Popolare account IBAN: IT69C0503424742000000001881
Swift: BAPPIT21S38 Account holder: 9 Muse s.r.l.
or PayPal to [email protected]

Email via WeTransfer ( to [email protected] or send by regular mail to 9 Muse s.r.l., Via di Tiglio 370 – 55100 Lucca, Italy, the following:
– Signed entry form
– Payment receipt
– Technical form A together with any additional material describing the proposal
– Social media accounts (IG, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TIK TOK)

By and no later than 30th September 2023, at 11.59pm (GMT +1). The shipping date will be checked against delivery.

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