In Union, Remotely

Shaker Museum

Entry Deadline: Jul. 15

88 Shaker Museum Rd
Old Chatham, MA 12136

Community. Inclusion. Innovation. Integrity. Conviction. These core values characterized the Shakers’ incredible journey from a small band of travelers to a peak of 6000 Believers who lived in highly organized communal families. For 160 years they were governed equally by women and men and guided by their beliefs. The Shakers welcomed the disenfranchised, raised and educated orphans, created large scale successful businesses, and readily shared their resources with those in need. At, you can view the most comprehensive collection of Shaker artifacts in the world. We invite you to explore the collection and create artwork which expresses how the Shakers’ example inspires you.

The result of this call for art will be a Community Art Exhibition entitled “In Union, Remotely,” posted online through the museum’s social media channels from July 20, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

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