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Entry Deadline: Jun. 20

430 Main Street
Rosendale, NY 12472
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Deadline June 20th
A thematic exhibition depicting Homage

Exhibition: July 1st -July 31st, 2019. Open to all media. Art JuXtapose presents the thematic exhibition: Homage. The exhibition will be held at Art JuXtapose in Rosendale from July 1st to July 31st, 2019. This exhibition is open to all interpretations of the concept Homage. All media and interpretations of the theme “Homage” will be reviewed and considered.

Homage refers to an act of showing respect or tribute towards someone or something in public. In the context of art, the term refers to a painting, movie or another work of art where the artist adopts the content or features of another artist or work as a mark of respect. No matter how far into our artistic journeys we are it is important to reflect upon those we have inspired, and those who’ve inspired us. Perhaps an art professor, a peer, or an obscure artist’s piece we once saw in a museum or gallery. We all have certain reasons we fall in love with particular artists and their styles; whether it be Georgia O’Keefe’s beautiful flowers or Alphonse Mucha’s fascinating line work, there are artistic aspects we learn from. With this in mind, send in up to 4 pieces that show tribute, in any way you wish to depict it, to an artist that inspired you. Include a short paragraph of how that artist’s style is reflected in the artwork you’re submitting, or how that artist inspired you.

Artwork can be no bigger than 36” x 36”. Art Juxtapose does not take a commission from sold pieces. The deadline for submission is June 10th. The fee is $30 for four pieces, additional pieces $5 each. For more information go to www.artjuxtapose.com.

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