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Entry Deadline: Nov. 9

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Call to Artists
Program & Location: Gallery Without Walls, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Budget: $850.00 honorarium and an opportunity to be nominated for an up to $15,000 People’s Choice Purchase Award
Eligibility: Open to all local, regional, national and international artists
Application Deadline: November 9, 2018, 5:00 PM PST
Program Description: The Arts Council of Lake Oswego is pleased to invite emerging, mid-career, and established artists to submit proposals for Lake Oswego’s nationally recognized, award-winning outdoor Gallery Without Walls exhibit. Artwork will be on display throughout the downtown business district for a two-year exhibition period starting in the summer of 2019. While on exhibit, sculptures must be available for purchase. Artists should have some experience with public art and be interested in expanding their practice into the public realm, but do not need an exhibition history with public art in order to apply. In its nineteenth year, the gallery’s mission is to integrate art into the daily lives of local residents and visitors to the community by presenting works from regional, national, and internationals artists that resonate with people of diverse backgrounds. We seek artists working in a variety of media and encourage proposals that engage, educate, and inspire the community. Up to fifteen artists will be chosen by the Selection Committee to provide a work of art for outdoor public display in Lake Oswego. In recognition, the Arts Council will provide each selected artist with an honorarium of $850.
2019-2021 Exhibition
 The work of art must be of suitable scale for outdoor public art and of high artistic quality.
 The artwork must require minimum maintenance and be able to withstand the effects of weather, be as resistant as possible to vandalism, able to with stand pedestrian contact, and not impede pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic. ADA guidelines are considered in placement of each sculpture.
 Sculpture will be on loan to the City for two years and must be available for sale to the public.
 In the event of a sale, there will be a 30% gallery fee paid to the Arts Council for any sculpture sold while on exhibit in the Gallery Without Walls. Sold sculpture shall remain on exhibit for the entire two year period, unless the artist and ACLO mutually agree otherwise.
 Concrete pads are provided by the Arts Council for the display of each sculpture. Anchoring method will be as described by ACLO’s structural engineer and may be either bolts (as described below) or weld only depending on the assigned site location. The engineer typically requires 1/2″ Titen HD bolts that screw through a baseplate. Bolts are provided by the Arts Council. If accepted into the program, each artist will be required to submit detailed information related to the anchoring method before and, if necessary, after the engineer’s report. Unless otherwise specified by ACLO’s engineer, baseplate holes must be drilled to 3/4″ to accommodate bolts. Concrete pads range in size from 2 x 2′ – 7 x 7′ (4 – 49 square ft.). Weld only pads require weld-able tabs on the sculpture/sculpture base.
 During the exhibit period, the City will maintain liability insurance to cover any damages incurred.
 It is the artist’s responsibility to deliver and install the sculpture at the specified site in the summer of 2019, and then remove the work from the site at the end of the exhibition period in the summer of 2021. Artwork cannot be shipped as there is no available storage space or staff available for this purpose.
 The Arts Council reserves the right to reject work that, when completed, differs from the original proposal, or does not meet standards of durability, safety and quality.
 Artists invited to exhibit with GWW will enter into a contract with the City of Lake Oswego for a two-year exhibition period.
 Artists in the current 2018-20 GWW exhibition are ineligible to apply. Please apply next year.

 $850.00 honorarium per artist
 All works are for sale and promoted as such.
 Marketing and PR: 10,000 brochures published annually and distributed throughout the region, iPhone app with link to artist’s website, docent-led tours of exhibition, ACLO media and promotion (includes social media platforms, as well as mailings and website promotion).
 Inclusion in the Gallery Without Walls celebration event in September 2019.
 Up to a $15,000 Purchase Award: A People’s Choice vote may be launched to purchase one of the sculptures in the exhibit for the City’s permanent art collection. A selection committee nominates five of the sculptures to be placed on a ballot that is made available to all citizens of Lake Oswego.


 November 9, 2018, 5:00 PM PST- Artist proposals must be received by the Arts Council. This is not a postmark date. Electronic submissions preferred.
 January 31, 2019 – Artists will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision regarding proposal.
 July/August 2019 – All sculptures must be installed in Lake Oswego.
 September 2019— Be our VIP at the annual event welcoming new sculpture into the community! This free public celebration is an opportunity to be recognized for your work. All invited Gallery Without Walls 2019-21 artists are encouraged to attend.
 July 2021 – De-installation of sculpture by the artist.
 Docent-led walking tours are offered throughout the year to any interested individuals or groups.

Selection Process:

The Selection Committee will jury on two levels; first for general quality of the artist’s body of work, and then on the piece(s) submitted with the application materials. The objective of the Selection Committee is to create an exhibition of quality works of art that reflect the greatest potential for diversity in accordance with the City of Lake Oswego’s Public Art Guidelines.
To view the current exhibit, visit the Arts Council website at or take a Gallery Without Walls tour with your phone.
Free download at App Store – L.O. Art Tour or on your smartphone.

Proposal Must Include:
 Cover Page: A cover page listing artist’s full name, mailing address, phone number, email, website
 Artist’s Statement: A statement (300 words maximum) that describes your work (inspiration, personal statement) particular to each entry and suitable for publication
 Please include information that details your experience with public art
 Resume: A current resume, not to exceed 3 pages. Artists submitting in teams may submit a resume for each artist. Please include website and/or social media info, if applicable
 Proposed works. May submit up to 3 works, recently completed (within the last 36 months) per proposal. Only include artwork available for exhibition and sale. Detailed, in-concept proposals are also acceptable (see below).
 Include images of proposed works: Up to 2 digital images per sculpture; JPEG (jpg) minimum 300 dpi / 2400 x 3000 pixels in dimension. Include images of front and back of sculpture. If possible, show scale. Maximum of 2 images per proposed artwork = 6 images total per proposal.
 Annotated Image List: Title, date, medium, height, width, depth, weight, and base size. Please include information on where this sculpture has been exhibited before, if relevant. A brief description of artwork should be included
 Proposals for work not yet fabricated: If you propose work that is not yet fabricated, please submit a detailed illustration for each entry. Indicate size (height, width and depth), medium, color and anticipated weight
 Artist’s name should appear on all pages of proposal
 Please send as a single PDF if applying electronically; if applying by mail, please submit images on a CD or jump drive

Application Deadline: All materials listed above must be received by November 9, 2018 at 5:00 PM PST. Receipt of completed applications will be confirmed via email by November 16th if not sooner. Please, no calls or emails between November 6th and 16th while materials are sorted. Thank you.

The Arts Council of Lake Oswego strongly believes that we all benefit from diversity. ACLO does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Artists of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications can be e-mailed to: [email protected]

Applications can be mailed to: Arts Council of Lake Oswego
Attn: Stephanie Johnson
PO Box 369
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Applications can be hand delivered to: Arts Council of Lake Oswego
Attn: Stephanie Johnson
520 1st Street
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Please note: Proposals mailed to the street address rather than the PO Box will not be delivered by USPS.
Call Stephanie at 503.675.2531 for more information

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