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Entry Deadline: Mar. 1

76 4th Street North #1769
St. Petersburg, FL 33731

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Fluent Imprint Project

Submit your art, short story, poetry for consideration to our upcoming book project with pop-up exhibitions.
Each city,this book/exhibition pops up, will have local impact (or IMPRINT) a local cause, charity or non-profit organization.

Be present, be positive, affect changes that matter at a grass roots level.

Submissions are due March 1, 2015.

All mediums
New work/Never Exhibited
Theme is variable but should should express your conceptual reflection for making meaningful changes in our society perhaps Environmentally, Sociologically, Zoologically.

Please email [email protected]
jpg of specific work for consideration.
200 word or less description of work and intention.
current CV/Bio/Artist Statement

Please email [email protected]
piece to be considered (Satirical/Comical work would be greatly appreciated, but not limited to this genre)

Pop-Up Book Launch dates starting summer 2015

Visualizing culture is a continual evolution.
Some of the most important moments in art history are described beginning with the phrase “ as a reaction to…”
Currently, the market of art becomes the catalyst of art production. Meaning gets compromised for sales ability. Collectors seek art that become commodities for re-sale and investment potential. Safe art, or decorative art as well, has become popular for the ability to create good design in living/workspaces. The other end of the spectrum has advanced into shock value art with taboo subject matter and imagery in pornographic bawdiness. Gore and vulgarity poses as conceptual.

A return to art, with strong technical mastery expressing concerns in sociology/culture, the environment or animal rights, is the jump-off.

Art should produce a reaction. Its essence should offer substance. Aesthetically pleasing art, with depth, is the heart of this project. It is not meant to check off a box to be hip and fulfill a subject matter of the moment. The pieces for this project are meant to be a platform to open dialogue. The literary pieces included in the Fluent Imprint book will parallel the energy of the visual pieces.

With this intention, creating meaningful work is only a part of the complex project. Each exhibition location will include original pieces from the book, the book itself and a mix of performance pieces. Each happening will spotlight a local charity or organization making real positive imprint to the community. It is our hope to raise awareness and funds for these special passion projects, bring together established and emerging creative talent and make a quality book you will cherish.

Get Involved.

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