Female Art, Digital Art Exhibition | Open Call

Culture 365

Entry Deadline: Apr. 23

Katsoulakou 19
Piraeus, GRS 18547


The exhibition entitled “Female Art” presents the theme of women and their rights in modern society. What we want to show from the exhibition is a “reborn” woman through the eyes of artists. The exhibition will examine the way in which women fight for their rightful place in society, the way in which they experience violence and the deprivation of their rights, the views they receive, but also the way in which art itself must help woman pronouncing her shelter.

The selection of works and artists for the exhibition will be based on how well they perform the theme of the exhibition. The works should exude this new look towards women and the difficulties they face today, and more specifically what it is like to be a female artist in Greece today.

The exhibition is held in order to raise awareness of the public and the art community around this sensitive issue. Our goal is for the visitor after his contact with the works to think if the way he sees women has really changed, but also whether art should help solve this problem.

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