Elements: Water, Call for Art

The Art Garage

Entry Deadline: Apr. 7

1400 Cedar Street
Green Bay, WI 54302
PHONE 920-448-6800


WATER is the element of constant movement. It takes on several forms: it can flow like a river, be rigid like ice, hot and bubbling, swirling and dangerous, or stagnant and sludgy. Water is fluid, having no shape of its own, but rather takes on the shape of what contains it or of the earth below it. Our bodies contain around 60% of water. In many ancient cultures, water was considered the center of life and held a divine energy. Water covers around 70% of the planet. There is a vast expanse of ocean that remains unexplored, the tales of sea-travels, whirlpools, mysterious disappearing vortexes in the middle of the ocean, or the mysterious deep dark depths with almost alien creatures swimming through them. Whatever it is, water retains its mystery and fascination.

Submissions for this exhibition must be works inspired by Water. We are looking for a wide range of interpretations, from destruction and devastation to beauty and wonder. What is it that can move the observer? We accept 2D and 3D work, all creative mediums are welcome for most shows unless stated otherwise. There are no size restrictions, however all work must be able to fit through a standard doorway.

Gallery Hours:
Sunday-Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: 12pm-4pm
Thursday & Friday: 3pm-7pm
Saturday: 12pm-4pm

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