Democracy – A Visual Exploration

Overture Galleries

Entry Deadline: Sep. 26

201 State Street
Madison, WI 53703
PHONE 608-258-4169

Overture Galleries is pleased to announce “DEMOCRACY- A Visual Exploration.” Artists are invited to submit all visual art, including paintings, sculpture and prints as well as performance art and social practice.

All varieties of exploration about democracy are welcome, but Overture will not display artworks that demonize individuals or political parties. A few potential questions for exploration:

• What is the history and definition of democracy?
• How does a democratic political system work?
• What conditions are necessary for democracy to work?
• How well is US and/or world democracy functioning?
• What is the relationship between capitalism and democracy?
• What is the relationship between democracy and freedom?
• How does polarization impact our democracy?
• What is your vision of a healthy democracy?

An informational Q&A about the exhibition and open call will be held via Zoom on Thursday, August 11, 2022 from 6-7pm CST. Link available on our website.

To apply, visit our website:

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