Damaged Art:

Orchard Street Gallery

Entry Deadline: Oct. 9

98 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002
PHONE 917.853.7079


Damaged Art is a student loan restoration project which aims to help artists combat crippling student loan debt so that they may move forward with their careers.

A hope for a way out of the vicious cycle. Accepted artists into the Damaged Art exhibit will have their works for sale for the price of their full, outstanding student loan debt — not only to alleviate their financial burden, but to bring a new awareness to the realities these artists are faced with. This selection will be done by a panel of esteemed judges with cultural and artistic significance in New York City and beyond to bring further awareness to this important cause and uplift the burgeoning talent it threatens to stifle.

The time has come to expose the corruptness of the student loan system in the United States. Damaged Art has an agenda to unveil the scandalous nature that loan companies have used to unknowingly sign students up for a lifetime fairytale deal with the devil. Many students have no choice but to sign up for loans that lead to enormous interest rates, monthly payments that are akin to extortion, and constant harassment that threatens their livelihood.

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