Conception Arts Chicago

Dovetail Brewery

Entry Deadline: Nov. 22

1800 W Belle Plaine Ave
Chicago, IL 60613
PHONE 785 506.1408

We are currently accepting artists for our one day event in Chicago, Friday, December 6th. Join us for a fun night of networking, displaying and selling your work. We feature painters, sculptors, photographers, mixed media artists as well as specialty wood, glass and metal artisans.

To submit your work/be contacted to have your questions answered personally please go to: and choose “submit work”

Our staff will be in touch within 24-48 hrs.

See examples of participating artists and events on, facebook, and Instagram @conceptionartshow.

Conception Exhibits are now taking place across the US, and have been featured in the Patron Magazine, Wall St Journal, and ABC news.

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