Call For Photography: The Art of Street Photography

The Chateau Gallery (TCG)

Entry Deadline: Apr. 15

1230 S 3rd Street
Louisville, KY 40203
PHONE 502 414-3406

Street photography is a unique art form associated with a photographer’s skill in capturing a moment that would have gone unseen without their intervention. A street photographer thrives in a time and place where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary, with their surroundings serving as a canvas for artistic expression. Whether it’s capturing the energy of bustling streets or the quiet solitude of hidden alleyways, we invite you to share your vision of the human condition with us.

The Art of Street Photography is an international open call for photographers ages 18 and older. All forms of two-dimensional images, traditional and non-conventional media, and conventional or alternative processes with a subjective analog or digital photographic base are welcome for submission.

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