Call for media artists Submissions : museum DAH


Entry Deadline: Sep. 26

busan, SKR 48058

Call for media artists Submissions : museum DAH

Museum DAH is world’s 1st LED based block buster media art gallery situated at Busan, Korea.

Currently there is on-going exhibition named. focuses on the ways the visitors can learn the preciousness of the environment naturally rather than through lecture based education.

As our main exhibition is held for about a year and continuously smaller scaled environmental exhibitions are held in a separate themed exhibition room.

The contest for the exhibition is for an exhibition that will be held for about 3 months in an exhibition room of about 55m² on the 2nd floor of the gallery.

The selected art works will be screened on a 50-inch FHD TV, and the exhibition proceeds in a way that visitors can listen to the sounds using headphones.

The video files of your art works will be deleted after the exhibition is over which will be held for 3 months.

During the exhibition, our gallery will inform the visitors about your works, the world we see through your art and the importance of the environmental movement. Additionally, exhibition related materials will be sent to museum and gallery officials, the media and various companies in Korea so that the exhibition stays with us even after it ends. We will expand the exhibition upon others which will allow us to get many supports from other Asian countries as well. is held purely for exhibition purposes.

We want to raise issues on how we calculate the worth of an artwork depending on how private and public is to physically in contact with. We believe that people can experience the same artistic aura felt when facing paintings and sculptures from media art works which can be made into infinite copies and reproduced. Last two years, we realized through operating our gallery that the visitors can feel the same aura from our exhibition works because of clear subject matter and aesthetic discourse, massive-scaled screen and excellent resolution, composed BGM that suits the media works. Through the exhibition , we accept the challenge of artistic universal cartel once again.

[Artist Contest Exhibition name]
Surreal Reality (Temporary title)

[Exhibition date]
8th November 2021 ~ 2nd February 2022 *The date can change

[Call for Artist contest end date]
26th September 2021

– Media (video) and Interactive art
– Calling all video editors,visual artist,3d artist, new media artists, etc.

[Installation method]
– We provide with TV monitor and DVD/DIVX player. Each TV monitor is per one artists’ work.

How to register, apply to be one of our artist for
– Send at least three links of your works or at least five of your works in photos of JPG file (100-500KB recommended) and information about your works to the following email address : [email protected].
– Email subject should be ‘Submission_Artist’s Name’.

If you do not become one of our selected artists, we will still store your prescious artworks safely and contact you again in the future when there is another exhibition project.
We are waiting for many creative media artist’s participation.
If you have any inquiries please send email to [email protected].

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