Call for exhibitions in Barcelona, Berlin and Rome.

T.I.N.A. Prize

Entry Deadline: Oct. 31

via Bortolazzi, 57
San Donà di Piave, NY 30027

T.I.N.A. is an international platform which allows you to enter into contact with a network of galleries, exhibition spaces and curators who will value new artists in order to create exhibitions and initiate collaborations in 2015. T.I.N.A. is open to artists of all ages, nationalities, thoughts, mediums and any other qualification.

There are currently three editions of T.I.N.A. in the cities of Barcelona, Berlin and Rome. Artists are eligible to subscribe for one, two or three cities, interacting with a jury of galleries divided by area and with our international team of curators. The basic membership fee is 35 euros.

By subscribing to T.I.N.A. you will be in contact with the galleries in jury within each selected city. Each gallery will value the work of all subscribed artists, they will signal their favourites and will choose their selected winner, which they will then collaborate with to create his/her solo show. For each gallery there will be one winner.

The Barcelona edition has 6 galleries / 6 open calls;
the Berlin edition has 5 galleries / 5 open calls;
the Rome edition has 6 galleries / 6 open calls.
Our international curator board is unique for the three editions and has 27 curator.

The team of international curators and galleries in the jury are on the relevant sites of the three editions: for the city of Barcellona; for the city of Berlin; for the city of Rome.
On the same websites you can find the online subscription form.

The general link to access to T.I.N.A. opportunities is

The deadline for T.I.N.A. is fixed for the 31th October 2014.
Before this date artists can subscribe and publish their portfolio to a personal profile page on our website. During this time subscribed artist are able to update and add new artworks to their personal profile page, view other artists’ page and to check preferences towards their artworks by curators and galleries.

Any request for help or assistance can be sent to our email address at [email protected].

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