Call for Entries: Pattern Recognition – Cooperative Aesthetics: Pattern, Method and Material

ARC Gallery

Entry Deadline: May. 26

1463 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60642
PHONE 312-877-5760

The eager human brain looks for meaning everywhere. Repetition conveys it. We see the urgency of meaning when a design is repeated over and over.

Throughout history, artists have subverted expectations by literally or metaphorically weaving contrasting messages into opulent designs. Silenced voices have found poetic pathways by creating patterns laden with rebellious (or secret) messages. New visual art is born from playing within rigid frameworks to explore the kind of nuance only found in objects that are intimate, intricate, and beautiful.


We invite artists to submit works that explore the aesthetics inherent in pattern, repetition, and design-based processes that creatively employ systematic methodologies to achieve unexpected outcomes. This exhibition will explore the nuances of works of art that use pattern, repetition, or a system to build expectation or familiarity.

Draw inspiration from the aesthetics of opulence, beauty, intricacy, or intimacy. Submit work that explores repetition or decoration as a symbol of experimentation. Reflect on the complexity of simultaneous harmony and conflict within dynamic interplay. Artists are encouraged to embrace a myriad of possibilities within seemingly rigid frameworks.

Works best suited for this exhibition:

-Play with the idea of harmony or disharmony (may contain both harmonious and non-harmonious parts);

-Consider contrasting messages or methods against an overarching theme;

-Challenge viewer perception by manipulating scale or creating excessive repetition;

-Create cohesion from distinctive individual parts;

-Employ a systematic approach to the content or construction of the work;

-Offer multiple experiences of viewing or interaction.

We welcome submissions across all mediums, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, performance and mixed media. Artists are encouraged to experiment with form, texture, installation method and color to convey their unique interpretation of these themes.

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