Call for Artists: 2024 Great Lakes Bay Public Art Passport Exhibition

Public Art Passport

Entry Deadline: Apr. 6

7400 Bay Road
Saginaw, MI 48710
PHONE 989 964-2006

Exhibition: June–August 2024
Deadline for Entries: April 6, 2024

Call for Artists:
Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum is seeking outdoor sculptures and public art installations for summer exhibition throughout Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region.

Open to all living artists working in sculpture who reside within one of the “Great Lakes States” of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Key Features:
Stipends of $3,000 (2/3 paid to artist at time of installation, 1/3 balance paid at time of deinstallation).
High visibility sites in the Great Lakes Bay Region of Michigan.
Media Promotions including print, radio, tv, and social media.
Included in Guided Tours, Brochures, Programs, and Events.
Added to the Public Art Passport website.
Artwork must be installed by the artist before June 1 and deinstalled in September 2024. Coordinate with Museum staff regarding delivering, setting up and deinstalling your artwork.

Site Locations:
Exact site locations will be determined in conjunction with the artwork selection process. The 2024 Great Lakes Bay Public Art Passport Exhibition will feature special displays of sculpture and installations across Saginaw, Midland, and Bay Counties.

Our Vision:
Working with community partners in Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region (specifically Bay, Midland, and Saginaw Counties), Public Art Passport serves tourists and residents alike through temporary art exhibitions in each county and at the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum, located on the campus of Saginaw Valley State University, as well as on an ongoing basis through the Public Art Passport web portal.

The Public Art Passport is a rapidly developing initiative that enhances the existing public art landscape while promoting and increasing visibility and tourism to the Great Lakes Bay Region. The 2024 summer exhibition will draw visitors to the area during this time of year when many are on their way “up north” and on vacation.

Public art plays a pivotal role in fostering vibrant and thriving communities. Public art reflects the cultural identity and values of a community. It celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity by showcasing various artistic styles, traditions, and narratives. This expression of culture helps residents feel connected to their community and encourages pride in their community.

Public art provides opportunities for community members to engage with their surroundings actively. Whether through interactive installations, mural painting events, or sculpture gardens, public art invites people to participate in the creation and appreciation of art, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging. Installations enhance the aesthetic appeal of neighborhoods and public spaces, transforming areas into visually stimulating environments.

Public art has the power to bring people together, fostering social cohesion and connection among diverse groups. Whether through collaborative art projects or shared experiences at cultural events, public art creates opportunities for dialogue, understanding, and solidarity, strengthening social bonds and bridging divides within the community.

Submissions will be reviewed and accepted by the Public Art Passport committee. Artists will be notified if they are a finalist by April 10, 2024 and their final acceptance status by April 15, 2024. Public Art Passport does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical impairment, disability or veteran status.

Contact for more information:
Ashley Ross, [email protected], 989-964-7125.

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