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Pleiades Gallery

Entry Deadline: Nov. 10

527 West 27th Street
New York City, NY 10001


Founded in 1974, Pleiades Gallery is an artist run gallery maintained by its officers and members. The Officers include the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer are elected annually by the members. The gallery’s policy allows each member artist to assume an equal share of responsibilities in a collegial and professional environment.

Located in the Chelsea area of New York City, the Pleiades Gallery is one of the oldest and most successful artist-run galleries in Manhattan. The gallery is located in the heart of the art district and housed in the beautiful Landmark Arts Building. The facility is easily accessible from the High Line and major transportation points in the city with hours noon to 6:00pm Tuesday through Saturday.


The mission of the Pleiades Gallery is to create, maintain and perpetuate a community of highly talented and committed artists, with a handsome, professional gallery for the exhibition of their works.

It is the further mission of this artist-run community:                   Provide a fresh alternative to the constraints and dictates of the commercial gallery system;
Encourage the highest standards of imagination and creativity;
Foster a collegial atmosphere for art discussions, explorations and debates;
Widely publicize the Gallery’s events, news and accomplishments;
Stimulate and stir the sensibilities of the visiting public, art lovers, collectors and critics;


Solo Shows. Currently each member is entitled to a 4-week solo show (approximately 100 linear ft wall space) The dates of the solo show are determined by lottery.

Members may have one solo show approximately every 18 -24 months. (Depending on membership numbers) Artists exhibiting in a solo show are encouraged to seek advice from the Gallery’s Exhibition Committee. Dues must be current at time of show and new members who have a solo show before the end of 12 months must be paid up through 12 months.

Member Shows.
Members are encouraged to exhibit their work as part of periodic member group shows which run for 4 weeks. These exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for artists to showcase their work on an annual basis.

Artists Retains Sale Proceeds.
Pleiades Gallery does not charge commissions for work sold by the artists. All sales are handled directly between the buyer and seller of the work. This is a significant advantage of being a member of Pleiades Gallery as commercial galleries can retain up to 50% of the sales price and even some coop galleries have begun to retain a percentage of the sales price.

Monthly Member Meetings.
An important part of being part of an artist coop is establishing collaborative  and collegial relationships with other members. Attendance at monthly meetings are strongly encouraged and are held in person and on Zoom. Important issues are deliberated through active dialogue among the attendees.

New members must pay a one-time initiation fee of $500 and the first month’s dues. Dues must be paid on time to ensure efficiency in running the gallery.

There are 2 categories of membership:
• ACTIVE: $210 per month Member must choose a Gallery Job that is not
presently filled and provide expertise and knowledge in support of gallery needs.
• LESS ACTIVE: $260 per month. Member is unable to fulfill a Gallery Job or one is not available that utilizes talents of the member.

Additionally, all members must complete 4 days of mandatory work over a 12-month period for the benefit of the gallery. Solo and Group Shows are not included in the 4 day work requirement. Members who fail to fulfill this obligation will be required to pay $100 per day to hire a replacement.

Membership in Pleiades Gallery is highly valued within the artworld and highly competitive. The process involves all present members voting on the prospective member based solely on their artwork.

• The first step in the application process is to contact the individual indicated in the advertisement or outreach document. This is usually the President of Pleiades who can answer any questions. It is important to have an understanding of the financial and personal obligations associated with being a member prior to applying for membership.
• Provide the President with a link to your website as well as jpeg images of recent work. Be sure to include the medium, dimensions and title of the work.
• The material you submitted will be forwarded to the present membership and you will be contacted with the decision.
• If you accepted for membership and there is an open slot for an additional member, an interview will be conducted to further discuss your expectations and review obligations for membership.
• The final step in the process is to review and sign a Letter of Agreement detailing obligations and expectations of membership. The initiation fee and membership and first month’s membership fee must accompany the signed agreement.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION please visit us on the web at

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