Call for Artists

The Umbrella Arts Center

Entry Deadline: May. 16

40 Stow Street
Concord,, MA 01742
PHONE 978-371-0820

The Art Ramble is a temporary outdoor public art installation sited around the Fairyland Pond in the Hapgood Wright Town Forest, in collaboration with the Concord Natural Resources Division.

The Call
When we walk in the woods, we seek the restorative energy of the forest. The knowledge that the forest can regenerate itself over time, even after extreme weather events, gives us hope. Subterraneum networks of mycorrhizal fungi provide a resource distribution system for plants and trees that helps forests withstand drought conditions. By absorbing Co2 and water, forests
keep oxygen and precipitation cycles in balance and protect the planet from climate change. But the acceleration of climate change has reached a point of overpowering and upsetting the carefully balanced ecosystems of our surviving forests, producing greater frequency and intensity of forest disturbances such as insect outbreaks, invasive species, wildfires, and storms. Lack of accumulated snow and ice reduces the spring rush from snowmelt that some plants and animals need to survive. Yet too much rush from rainstorms can deplete the soil of nutrients that support regrowth, causing erosion. Climate change and increased carbon emissions are producing migration patterns not only of people, but of trees that are no longer able to grow in harsh conditions. The ground beneath our feet is literally slipping away. For the exhibition, “ In the Balance,”we are seeking dynamic artworks that express a striving to regain balance with its surroundings. How does the imbalance produced by climate change generate new directions, migrations, contortions, orientations? How can we bridge the growing chasm between the loss of habitat, and life’s persistence?
Artwork can reflect various types of knowing: scientific, kinetic, kinesthetic, aesthetic, Indigenous, or a combination. Please consider any and all angles and perspectives. The environment is all around us. Artwork need not be at eye level—though all work must be fully
visible from the path. We will be looking for a mix of scale, media and perspective, as well as work that is site-specific and responsive to the environment. All media, including sound installation (via QR code) and performance will be considered. BIPOC and artists of all
backgrounds and identities are encouraged to apply. Independent exploration of the site prior to creating a proposal is encouraged. Additional information regarding the installation site may be found in the Hapgood-Wright Town Forest Guide at

To Apply
You may submit more than one idea as separate submissions, email the following (preferably as one pdf file) to [email protected] by May 16, 2022 11:59PM.
1. Resume.
2. Project Statement: outline what you envision and accomplish with this work as informed by the site and interactions with the public (500 words).
3. Up to 6 images of proposed piece / design drawings / photo of a model of the proposed installation/art piece.
4. Link to an online portfolio of past work and projects, or 5-10 high resolution JPEG images of past artwork and projects labeled: LastName_FirstName(1) include an image List with dimensions, medium, date. For time-based media, 3-5 video/sound recordings or writing samples of relevant past projects.

Exhibition Information
Selected artists will be awarded a small honorarium.
Submissions due May 16, 2022
Notification: June 1, 2022
Confirmation of specific sites: June 15, 2022
Installation Dates: August 15 – 31
Exhibition: September 1 – November 13, 2022,

Hapgood-Wright Town Forest, Concord, MA Curated by Stephanie Marlin-Curiel Please note this is a Leave No Trace exhibit; from installation to dismantling, nature must be left intact and all materials brought to the site must be removed at the end of the show. No pieces can be installed in or on the water. The Umbrella receives 30% commission on any works sold in the exhibit. Final pieces are expected to match the proposals, and if they don’t, The Umbrella may choose not accept the piece. By submitting a proposal, artists acknowledge The Umbrella Arts Center and the Concord Natural Resources Division assumes no liability for artwork on the property during the exhibition.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES May 16, 2022, 11:59PM.

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