Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 13

Shoebox Arts

Entry Deadline: Mar. 28

Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 13: Open to all artists. No fees.

Deadline to sign up March 28 @ 4PM.

Drawing on responsive character of Jazz, this project is meant as a way for us to stay connected, to check in with each other and to support each other. This is collaboration at a distance. This project was created in response to the pandemic by Shoebox PR founder, artist, and cultural producer Kristine Schomaker and her staff.
Artist #1 will create a piece of art within 24 hours and send a digital version of it to Artist #2. Remember, this can be anything. (visual, writing, new media etc). It is about being creative and interacting.
Artist #2 will then have 24 hours to create a new work as a response in any medium and with any tools available to them. They will in turn send a digital version of it back to Artist #1 who will create a new work in response.

Artists will be paired on Sunday March 28 at 5:30 PM (Facebook Live). Call and Response Round 13 begins Monday March 29 at 6pm. The first artist will begin their artwork which is due to artist #2 by 6pm Tuesday 3/30. This continues through April 10. The online exhibition opens with a reception and artist talk on April 17, 2021. Work may be included in a physical show at a future date.

Call for Artists: “Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance 13″

Shoebox PR’s mission is to cultivate community and empower artists to build a sustainable art practice.

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