BIPOC Initiative Solo Exhibition – Open call

Freeport Art Museum

Entry Deadline: Oct. 1

Freeport Art Museum 121 North Harlem Ave
Freeport, IL 61032
PHONE 815 235-9755

The Freeport Art Museum, located in Freeport, Illinois invites artists to submit qualifications and vitae for the BIPOC initiative for inclusion in future exhibitions. Answering this call does not guarantee selection, though it will make the curating artist and the museum aware of your work. The only qualification is that the submitting artist self-identify as a BIPOC artist – Black, Indigenous, Person of Color. Over the next five years, two solo shows per year will be awarded to artists of color selected by artists of color.
October 23rd of 2021 marked the opening for two solo exhibitions under the umbrella of the Freeport Art Museum’s (FAM) Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Initiative. This initiative aims to encourage artists and patrons of color to view FAM as a welcoming venue for artists of color to exhibit their work. Moreover, the initiative seeks to develop an improved relationship with the broader BIPOC community so that a more socially inclusive and diverse audience embraces FAM as their museum. This systemic change aims to help center Native American personhood, address anti-Blackness, dismantle white supremacy, and advance racial justice.

The inaugural BIPOC artist to exhibit work this year is Patrick Earl Hammie. Hammie co-authored the BIPOC initiative in partnership with the FAM and selected the second artist, Milwaukee-based Tyanna J. Buie, to show concurrently in an adjacent gallery. Each artist created new work to install in FAM’s main galleries this October. Tyanna Buie selects the artist for the following year, establishing the succession of artists for the series. The guiding principle will be that all chosen artists self-identify as BIPOC.

For more details and to register go to:
or call: 815.235.9755
email: [email protected]

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