Bentonville, Arkansas | Public Art RFP

City of Bentonville, Arkansas

Entry Deadline: Mar. 31

305 SW A Street
Bentonville, AR 72712
PHONE (479) 271-3122

The Chair of Bentonville Arkansas’ Public Arts Advisory Committee is reaching out to arts organizations to make them aware of an RFP that they published for a work to commemorate Bentonville’s 150th anniversary.

Although any public property within Bentonville could be considered, the Committee will work to find an ideal location. Recommendations are welcome.

• Experience in community engagement is strongly encouraged.
• Any artist, architect, designer, collective, or team residing locally or in
another state is encouraged to submit.
• Those without extensive experience or capabilities in fabrication or execution are encouraged to submit a proposal. If requested, the
Committee will work to make agreeable connections for executing the selected proposal.

Project Cost
The Committee has earmarked up to $30,000 for this project but is
seeking reasonable proposals regardless of cost. For requested
proposals, the creative concept is key. The Committee understands
changes in fabrication methods and material costs can vary dramatically and can be further discussed after selection.

Completed Artwork Guidelines
• For permanent installations, artwork must be suited to continuous
outdoor display and able to be maintained by the City.
• Artwork cannot contain logos, tag lines or be in any way thematically
linked to a commercial business, establishment, product or service.

You can find details about this project including a creative brief and submission form here:

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