Baang + Burne New Works Grant and Gallery Representation 2014-15

Baang + Burne

Entry Deadline: Mar. 31

235 W 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

Dear Artists,
Welcome to Baang + Burne 2014 -15 Call to Entry / New Works Grant.

This is the third year Baang + Burne has hosted a Call for Entry / New Works Grant. A spot on our gallery roster – representation and/ or a $2,500 cash award that recognizes the strongest new works proposal in contemporary art.

I know some of you must be wondering what is this all about, how is it different from all the other call for entries out there and what is in it for you.

Let’s start with what is Baang + Burne.

Baang + Burne is founded in 2010 by artist Kesha Bruce and myself. I came from 15 years of advertising and a career as a documentarian; Kesha has a solid track record as a fine art artist with an MFA from Hunter College. We wanted to do something different. We are romantic and idealistic in our belief of what art could be, the kind of advocates’ artists should have (creative, passionate, out-of-the-box-thinkers) and the type of dealers’ collectors should do business with (ethical and honest). The combination is tall order. So we created it ourselves.

Through 4 long years of exhibits, art fairs, auctions and collaborations, Baang + Burne has evolved into what it is today — and it is still growing. We are somewhere between a traditional gallery and an artist collective. You are represented and spirit of collaboration is our core value. Art is a long game and we will only ever come out of this alive if we are in it together.

Joshua King, Dominic Sansone, Richard Hart and Nathan Sharratt are four wonderful artists we connected with and currently represent during our previous call for entry. Cat del Bueno was our first new works grant recipient.

Baang + Burne is growing and we are looking for you.

Everyone has limited resources and time. Those are put under further restraints when you are an artist. We get it. If the fee is not within your budget, then please, do not submit. If being a part of Baang + Burne excites you, then we would love to see what you’ve been up to. If you’ve got a project underway and some money would help it along, click submit and put your name in the hat. We want to help you make new art.

We spent an enormous amount of time looking at what comes our way. Your submissions are not taken lightly. This is a place of mutual respect. We respect you for what you do and we ask you to extend us the same consideration.

Baang + Burne is growing. We are looking for you. Join us.

Charlie Grosso
Co-Founder / Exec Director


If I’ve submitted before, should I submit again?

Yes. If you’ve submitted it before but have a new body of work, or have new works to add to the previous collection, we would love to see it. Make sure you edit a new selection together in the new entry. A new presentation can often help us see the work in new light.

What kind of work are you looking for?

All mediums are welcome, including: painting, sculpture, photography, multi-media, ephemeral, installation, video, performance, public art and street art.

Read the about us section carefully and look at the artists we represent. There is a very specific vision to our curation and what fits within our mission. This is true to both artists we bring in and for the new works grant.

How does the selection process work?

Erin and Aulden, our associate directors does a first round of elimination from the applicants, then Charlie, our Exec Director looks through, making the second round of selections. A Skype interview will be schedule with the round of finalists before a decision is made. We build relationships for the long term — so we take our time with the selection process. Your art matters as much as who you are and what you are about.

Why I should submit?

On face value — to be represented by a NYC art gallery. We work with art advisors, designers and emerging collectors to place your work.

Beneath the surface — making art is a lonely endeavor. Baang + Burne is a collective minus the democracy with the cache of a NYC gallery helmed by an advertising tech savvy director. We challenge you to be better at what you do and you push us to do the same. We are here to innovate the artits-gallery relationship and what a gallery can be. We are in this together.

Why are you looking for new artists?

Two reasons: we are expanding our operations and we are constantly being asked by our clients for work that we don’t have. We need more art works in inventory and more artists too.

Can I submit for both the grant and for representation?

Sorry. We believe in having our cake and eat it too but it gets too confusing when we process each application. You will have to choose. NOTE your choice on the first line of your application, right after your name.

***If you are submitting for the GRANT – label GRANT on the top of your Q&A – along with your name and contact details (Jane Smith – GRANT – phone / email / address)

***If you are submitting for REPRESENTATION – label REPRESENTATION on the top of your Q&A – along with your name and contact details (Jane Smith – REPRESENTATION – phone / email / address)

Deadline: Midnight EST on March 31, 2015

Eligibility: Open to all artists age 18+

Work can either be in progress or brand new, just waiting to be hatched.

Entry Procedure: All submissions must go through (CAFÉ).

Work Samples:
10 images – jpeg format – no smaller than 1920 px on the longest side – resolution of 72 ppi/dpi – 5MB max file size – format each file as (firstname_lastname_01.jpg). For new works grant, prelim sketches, location scout shots, anything that can give us a visual representation of what you are thinking.

Describe the project in 500 words or less
When does this project start?
Estimate completion date for the project?
Provide a detailed list of expenses. (Ex. Printing: $1,500, Film: $500, Hotel: $99/night, etc.)

NEW WORKS + REPRESENTATION: In Place of CV & Bio, please answer the follow questions:
1. Name your top three all time favorite bands.
2. What do you listen to when you are working in the studio?
3. The apocalypse is coming and you can only save one art form. Music, Visual Art, Dance, Film, Literature and etc. You can ONLY save ONE. Which would you pick?
4. Do you like talking about your work?
5. How would you like to see your art career progress? Tell us your best-case scenario. What is your worst-case scenario?
6. Whose job do you think is harder, an artist or an investment banker?
7. What do you think is more important, talent or professionalism?
8. Who do you make the art for?
9. Why must you make art?
10. What is the purpose of your art?
11. On average, how long does it take you to respond to emails?
12. Name three of your favorite contemporary artists. What do you love about them or their work?
13. If you could improve/change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
14. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Would you do it again?


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