Artistic Light Installation in Old Town Fairfax

City of Fairfax

Entry Deadline: Jul. 14

10455 Armstrong Street
Fairfax, VA 22030
PHONE 703 273-6097

Located in the heart of the City of Fairfax is historic Old Town Fairfax. This Historic District has buildings dating from 19th and early 20th century, the City of Fairfax Branch of the Library, the historic Ratcliffe-Allision-Pozer House, Old Town Hall, Old Town Square and many restaurants and shops.

The City of Fairfax Economic Development Authority is proud to issue a call for our first outdoor light installations as part of Illuminate Fairfax- Artistic Light Experience. From November 18, 2023 to February 10, 2024, Old Town Fairfax will host 4 outdoor light installations in conjunction with other winter festivities and art displays.

The installations will be free and open to the public. They will be on display from 5 pm – 10 pm daily. Open to all artists working in mediums to include video and sculpture, and creatively incorporates light as its primary medium. With light at the center of each project, artists are encouraged to explore concepts of space and place; inspire public interaction; and utilize and respond to its’ environment.

Applicants are permitted to submit as many project proposals as they wish.
This project and the Services being performed are in relation to activities for the VTC ARPA Tourism Recovery Program.
The deadline for all submissions in response to this call is 4:00 PM on June 16, 2023. New Deadline: 4 PM Friday, July 15

Call Released – May 8, 2023
Submission Deadline – June 16, 2023 New Deadline: 4 PM Friday, July 15
Artists Notified – July 28, 2023
Install – Mid November 2023
Di-install – Mid February 2024

Eligibility This call is open to all artists age 18 and above.

Submitted designs must be original artwork.
Submission Requirements
Please e-mail all application materials to Megan DuBois [email protected] .
Respondents should submit the following materials by Friday, June 16, 2023 at 4:00 pm: New Deadline: 4 PM Friday, July 15
1. Artist Name, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, and Website.
2. One-Page Statement of Interest briefly addressing the concept, design and how you approached this project.
3. One-page résumé or curriculum vitae.
4. Annotated List of Images: Please include the artist’s name as a heading, and a brief description of each image, including title and original medium.
5. Design Proposal. Designs must be submitted as a high-quality image file in web-quality JPG file.
6. Description of proposed project(s) with dimensions and weight (no more than one page each); and any additional safety information, e.g. wind load.
7. Detailed, itemized budget for each submitted proposal to include costs for materials, artist fees, travel, fabrication, installation of the art work, de-installation, etc.
8. Any items needed, but not included in your budget must be indicated in detail, such as equipment and local labor needs, (e.g. forklift, forklift driver, ladder). These additional needs will allow the committee to assess the total cost of your project.
9. Three References.
Juried Selection Process
Members of the City of Fairfax Commission on the Arts Public Art Committee and City of Fairfax Staff will review all proposals. The selected design will be chosen and the artist notified by electronic mail by close of business on Friday, July 28, 2023.

Selection Criteria
The panel will use the following criteria:
1. Submitted designs must showcase original artwork.
2. The art may be a new original piece or an existing work of the artist and may not be on display in other public art programs (not including ongoing gallery exhibitions).
3. Designs that incorporate commercial advertisement will not be considered. Please inquire if in doubt.
4. Contribution to aesthetic and cultural atmosphere of the City;
5. Appropriateness of subject and concept for a public space;
6. We also give priority to light art with an interactive component that further engages visitors;
7. We are not looking for art that is simply illuminated. Light must somehow be central to the concept of your proposal and have a strong daytime presence.
8. We aims to amaze and delight visitors with creativity and innovation. We are looking for works that evoke a sense of wonder with the viewer.
9. We require durable and rigid constructions. Weather in this region can be unpredictable –from unseasonably cold and rainy to very high winds. As a result, your piece must be technically and physically durable to withstand all kinds of elements.
10. Artwork should have a significant presence and be responsive to the site.
11. We look for projects that the artist will build, install, maintain and de-install with a low level of complexity. The City will not work as a middleman to contract installers or de-installers; that is the responsibility of the artist. However, the City will work along with you and your installer to ensure a smooth installation.
12. Completeness of the submission as outlined in this announcement.

Artwork will be deemed inappropriate which portrays: content which violates copyright or other known legal ownership interest; profanity, obscenity, indecency, violence, pornography; discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality; defamation or personal attacks.

Budget and Contract Requirements
The all-inclusive budget for each individual project cannot exceed $14,000 USD
The budget must be detailed and include:
• artist’s fee
• all labor costs to build the artwork (from concept to installation on site)
• all materials
• all equipment (rentals, lifts, etc.), all cabling and cable covers
• Installation costs including contracting installers
• de-installation
• engineering review and stamp(required)
• testing needed for your artwork
• shipping costs
• all travel and accommodations. It is the artist’s responsibility to fabricate and install the artwork.
Required documentation includes:
• IRS Form W-9
• Certificate of Insurance for the duration of the project showing 1) Commercial General Liability for $1,000,000 each occurrence with the City named as an additional insured
• Business License
Please note, as mentioned above, artwork is in public spaces and are not able to be monitored 24-7. The City will provide daily check-ins, but will not be providing security at each installation.
Maintenance of Artwork
Each artist must provide staff instructions on how to operate and maintain installation during artist’s absence. If an issue arises with the installation that the City of Fairfax is not able to fix, the artist is responsible at their expense for maintenance of the installation.

The City of Fairfax reserves the right to delay or reschedule the conduct of, cancel, or reissue this Call to Artists for any reason it deems fit or necessary.
Applicants will be advised in the event of a delay, cancellation, or reissuance.
The City of Fairfax does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, sex, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran, and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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