Art Hawaii International Call for Installations

Art Hawaii International

Entry Deadline: May. 15

262 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

About Art Hawaii International:
Art Hawaii International is a contemporary art fair with inaugural dates November 6-10, 2019, located in Honolulu at Hawaii Convention Center. The spectacular location will bring local visitors, as well as destination art travelers from around the world.
AHI exhibitors include vetted international galleries, museums, art foundations, art publications, art films and art talks. The art fair program includes annual curatorial themes highlighting important subjects through art. AHI philosophy includes building better bridges to art knowledge for visitors through AHI proprietary app, kiosks and informational sources. We provide personal service for AHI attendees, especially Asia-centric visitors in their language, to obtain information on exhibitors and the artwork, to further cultivate art collectors, art lovers and art buyers.

Open to:
> Professional career artists, from any country worldwide, with exhibition history of no less than two years represented in an established contemporary gallery.
> Artists, from any country worldwide, who do not have gallery representation, but have an established history of creating professional artwork installations for no less than five years.

The Art Installations:
We are seeking immersive installations by artists to be exhibited in Art Hawaii International and public sites in Honolulu which align with the theme, “Art Ecosystem: Upcycled” (artwork created with upcycled, recycled, sustainable materials), as well as installations driven by technology, multi-media, light, sound, mapping, and immersive experiences. We are open to conceptual work influenced by environmental, political, social and cultural themes.

Provided for the selected artists:
> AHI to provide monetary allotment up to $1,000, depending upon the complexity, scale, dimension of work.
> AHI to provide the cost of shipping the artwork roundtrip, ($5,000 maximum), actual cost must be included in the proposal.
> AHI to provide one roundtrip coach airline ticket to Honolulu ($2,000 maximum) for the artist to install the artwork.
> AHI to provide three nights accommodation, ($200 per night maximum, $600 total) with other artists in Airbnb or other type of room accommodation.

Provided for selected artists who reside in Hawaii; must live and work in Hawaii year-round:
> AHI to Provided for selected artists who reside in Hawaii; must live and work in Hawaii year-round: provide monetary allotment up to $2,500, depending upon the complexity, scale, dimension of work.

> AHI to provide the local cost of transporting the artwork roundtrip, actual cost must be included in the proposal
> AHI to provide local Hawaii airfare and accommodation for artist if needed, three nights max.

Opportunity and promotion for the selected artists:
> Inclusion in press releases, social media, marketing
> Meet curators, collectors, galleries, artists and individuals in the art world
> Opportunity for artists to experience the art fair within the incredible location of Oahu, Waikiki Beach and proximity to visit other islands of Hawaii.

Space provided for the artwork:
> Artwork Installation area, approximate footprint size can range from 10 x 10 feet (3 x 3 meters), up to 30 x 30 feet (9 x 9 meters).

Two methods to submit
01. Email [email protected] with a link to Dropbox, Google drive, Vimeo to submit files
02. Email [email protected] with attachments and/or links, not to exceed the file sizes indicated below
> Each email submission must have the following in the subject line: [Artist name], City
> title of artwork installation
> Provide written information on the concept, process, materials used (2 pages maximum).
> Jpgs, Tiff, Png (3mb maximum each) and/or video links to view artwork installation, 15 images maximum. Include detail images, close-up of artwork installation. Include artist name, title, year, size, dimensions.
> Provide artist bio, exhibition history and any other artist background information (no more than 5 pages, pdf).
> Provide shipping cost roundtrip, cannot exceed $5,000 inclusive with packing, crating, shipping and insurance. For international origination, professional shipper is required to manage documentation, customs, and potential shipping ATA Carnet.
> Provide information on how the installation will be packed and unpacked. Include time required to install and to deinstall (how many hours for each phase).
> Provide information on medium and vulnerability of the artwork if exposed to light, heat, movement, and/or touch.
> Indicate if the artwork installation can be indoors and/or outdoors.
> Provide information on any special display requirements (darkness, light, hanging, height, barriers, other).
> Include if and where the artwork installation has been exhibited previously. Such as a gallery, public site, or other art fair.
> Include any other history on the artwork installation and if it exists in other iterations, medium and/or editions, and location where it exists.
> Include the price of the artwork installation, if it is for sale.

> The artwork installation must not have been shown in more than one other art fair.
> If selected, the artist shall receive an agreement with an outline of responsibilities and deadline for shipment.

Due to the overwhelming response to this Artist Call, if you have any questions, please send by email to [email protected]

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