Art From the Heart 2014

The Vanderbilt Republic

Entry Deadline: Sep. 15

Gowanus Loft, 61 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Art From the Heart (AFTH) is a movement towards community for artists. Six years strong and we have built an authentic, powerful platform for the key storytellers of our times.

AFTH showcases artists and performers of all disciplines, worldwide.
Installed artists share net profits from the exhibition opening.
There are no submission fees, and the open call is NOW.

AFTH2014 is curated by Katie Peyton and opens at Gowanus Loft 18 October, 2014. A public vote will determine three of the artists included.

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“Art can express joy, but can joy actually be transmitted through art?­

“AFTH2014 is calling for artists who explore the concept of JOY. From Beethoven to Basquiat, creators throughout history have addressed joy in myriad ways: ecstatic or tranquil, public or private, through compassion or elusive jouissance.

“Joy is examined through its absence as often as its presence. Jeanette Winterson observes both aspects: he jumped for joy, the way creatures do, and children do and adults don’t, and spend their lives wondering where the leap went.

“Show us the leap.”


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