Art Exhibeo “The Human Figure” Art Competition

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Entry Deadline: Nov. 15

4433 Lasalle
Montreal, QC


We take a broad approach to our theme driven contests. In this contest, we will accept all 2D paintings, drawings, pastels, or mixed medium artwork that emphasizes humans as an integral part of the composition: Portraits, the human body or an emphasis on aspects of the human body, crowds, humans doing things or doing nothing, etc. If the work deals with the human figure in any way, you are good to go. You can approach this theme with any technical and/or philosophical approach you wish, be it classical realism in the grand manner, semi-abstract expressionism (so long as it is figurative), modern realism, impressionism, post-impressionism, minimalism, surrealism, or your very own idiosyncratic “ism”. Nudes are obviously accepted for this competition. Just remember to keep it clean.

As always, we are particularly interested in what you have to say about your work, so be sure to fill out the field on the submission form entitled “Tell Us About the Artwork”. Don’t describe your work (we have eyes to see). Rather, tell us the story behind the painting: What is the work about? What motivated you to paint it? If there’s a reason for the materials you use, the manner in which you work, or the techniques you utilize we want to hear about it. Note that what you have to say about your art has a big impact on how the Jury panel judges your work.


1st Place Interview and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place promo features published in Exhibeo online Art Magazine no later than December 15th 2014
Photography and 3D Sculpture are not accepted in this competition
Entry fee: start at 15$

All winners, honorable mentions as well as the top 10% in our art competitions are heavily promoted in our social media and direct mailing marketing strategies. Our mandate is to raise awareness of our winning artists among art collectors, as well as significantly boost their general online exposure.

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