Alternatives: Artifact

Ohio University Art Gallery

Entry Deadline: Oct. 17

536 Seigfred Hall Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

Artifact seeks submissions of photographic work that examines the relationship between art and science. Since its inception, photography has developed in dialog with scientific inquiry, with each practice shaping and being shaped by the other. From early pioneers experimenting with lenses, chemistry, and light to contemporary artists working in direct collaboration with scientists, photographers have often had one foot in the gallery and one in the lab. This exhibition will highlight photography that synthesizes the parallel lines of artistic and scientific research. Artifact is open to submissions from the expanded field of photography and integrated media and seeks entries that push the boundaries of photography as an art form. The show welcomes artists engaged in a sustained investigation of historical and alternative processes as well as those exploring current cultural, technological, and artistic developments that have broadened the definition of the medium. Photographic hybrids such as moving images, installations, etc. are also welcome.

Artifact will be a presentation of Alternatives, a biennial juried exhibition organized by Ohio University’s MFA Photography and Integrated Media program in the School of Art. Since its beginning in 1980, Alternatives has achieved national recognition for its leadership in forging new definitions in the medium by emphasizing the work of photographers in the conceptual forefront of the practice.

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