4Art Inc Gallery 2015 Call for Submissions

4Art Inc.

Entry Deadline: Mar. 1

1029 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609


4Art is dedicated to the highest standards in both the selection and presentation of diverse works of art. They have a built a strong and anticipatory reputation for exhibiting a vast array of talented and innovative artists, thru a variety of media. 4Art is proud to have created the perfect creative arena for both artists and art enthusiasts. 4Art is committed to maintaining an intimate and personal environment for its working artists, while preserving its success as a prestigious and thought provoking venue.

4Art Inc Gallery is located on the 4th floor of the internationally renowned Zhou B Art Center, which is nestled in one of Chicago’s charming neighborhoods of Bridgeport.

The Gallery consists of a striking arrangement of twelve diverse group of artists, who are dedicated to providing the gallery with thought provoking and evolving bodies of work. For more information visit our submission page.

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