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Artist Biography

Born in Bangladesh of the low-lying Ganges Delta, artist Zohurul Islam began to exhibit his work while studying at the University of Dhaka. With a degree in art and graphic design he now works at the university’s department of Fine Arts. Zohurul is very proud of his country, through paintings and sketches he hopes to record the daily routine of Bangladeshis and their very unique communities.

Once a southern Silk Route, the Bengal delta region has a long, rich heritage that Zohurul infuses into his compositions. He notes that “I have always chosen the traditions and culture of my country as a subject. This is not only because I feel dearly for my people, but also it creates the inner force that drives my passion for painting and art.” Zohurul tends to focus on two types of landscape that reflect a national theme “I worked on Dhaka, a 400 year old city, portraying the history of so many untold stories and hidden legacies. The then capital of Bangla, now called the Old town, still holds its history in century old ragged structures. My subjects are designed to conceptualize the origin and custom of Bangladesh.”

Zohurul paints in oil, acrylic and water color; quoting Marc Chagall “I work in whatever medium likes me at the time.” He begins each painting with realistic images that are abstracted to reflect the setting, tone and his personal insight. Using different line work, color and form Zohurul notes, “In my works at heritage sites, I have divided space with black & white contrast then add an optical dimension to emphasize my emotion at the time.”

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