Vivianne Carey

Artist Biography

 The objects and installations which I create are a metaphor for the darker aspects of life but with a regenerative perspective. Like a beautiful nightmare, these objects, made from primarily glass and steel are reminiscent of haunted treasures found in a reliquary. Filthy pearls, oil-stained rags, sharpened nails and glass shards are juxtaposed against a white ambience to reflect innocence, evil and divinity, grace and disgrace.

        “The Pearly Gate is a haunted expression of the spiritual and temporal essence of humanity.” Frederick Parrish, poet, stated “Given that The Pearly Gates historically conjure up metaphorical light; a moving toward that light: Vivianne’s bats remind the viewer that darkness is every bit as relevant in our spiritual realm. It is in darkness that we dream and are restored. In the light we follow those dreams. Pearly Gates, you are a celebration of life.”The art work, installations, sculpture and prints of Vivianne Lee Carey creatively merge into a powerful viewing experience. The artist wrestles with the dichotomy between darkness, melancholy, spirituality and joy in her sculptures, paintings, prints and installations made from everyday discards and found objects. The bits and pieces of detritus – oily rags, filthy pearls, and cherished bits of poems and wine bottle corks rematerialize into dark romantic corsets, mysterious bottles, crystal balls and formidable chairs. These images generate an atmosphere that evokes a sense of memory and leaves behind a remnant of the human touch to create a sacred poetic space.


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