Suzan Scott

Artist Biography

Suzan Scott is a painter who lives and works in the hills of Northwest Connecticut. She spends hours walking and exploring the deep woods and rolling fields in this part of the state. A close observer of the world around her, Scott believes, “…the question is never what am I looking at – the question is, what do I see?” Her work explores color and shape and elements of abstraction found in nature.
“The impetus for my work comes directly from nature; it informs my vision and directs my eye. As I study a site new visual information is constantly presented; close observation and awareness play a big part of my art practice. Elements of light, color and shape draw my eye, as do patterns and relationships between objects.
When something catches my eye, I do a number of small sketches on the spot and then move into the studio to develop them further. I search for a degree of abstraction that removes the obvious and allows me a more open interpretation. Multiple studies, worked in a variety of media and a range of different scales, aid me in uncovering the essence of my subject. A reliance of visual memory and intuition allow me to create work that is not time or site specific but evocative, specific only to itself.” Suzan Scott – August 2021


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