Soraida Martinez

Artist Biography

The Art Guide is pleased to present an artist with much to say, Soraida Martinez, an abstract expressionist who creates hard-line paintings with dialogue. Since 1992 Soraida Martinez has been known as the originator of Verdadism, a series of abstract paintings that are accompanied by written social commentary. With the intention to be heard, Martinez is unique in social commentary that accompanies each new creation. Viewers are drawn to both the artist’s style and her bold statements on humanity and the universal human condition. According to Martinez’ artist’s statement, “My art reflects the essence of my true self and the truth within me…My struggle is for recognition, acceptance and inclusion; and, against racism, sexism and the dominance… My belief is that one must empower oneself with one’s own truth…”

Verdadism, Martinez’s art form of mixed painting and statements, reveals the artist’s interpration of America as a Puerto Rican female and designer. Her use of hard-edge abstraction connects two distinct, yet integral parts: the visual and written word. Soraida created the term using Spanish for truth (Verdad) and an English suffix for theory (ism) and hopes to influence the work of future contemporary artists and writers.

Soraida studied art at Rowan University, where she graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in design and psychology. In 1999, Soraida wrote a book on the Art of Verdadism featured in many magazines and newspapers, and featured on radio and television. Her paintings are often used as covers for books and scholarly journals. Appointed by the governor of New Jersey to a seat on the State Council of the Arts, Soraida advocates human rights for children and visits schools in order to encourage and inspire them to strive and achieve their fullest potential. Soraida is frequently asked to do Verdadism exhibitions at universities, institutions and corporations.

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