Richard Newton

Artist Biography

The Art Guide is honored to reach across the globe and create an internet connection with professional artist Richard Newton of Melbourne, Australia. Richard has a distinguished career as an Art Educator in the south east state of Victoria, and is now retired from the ‘Art room’ to concentrate and experiment on his own canvases. Richard’s back ground includes three degrees in applied arts and he has exhibited in galleries throughout Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

As an artist with true international flair, Richard and his family have had a long association with galleries in Thailand. Considered by local Thai art communities to be an honorary member, Richard loves to visit the people and study their art, architecture and culture. He has sponsored many tours from north to south Thailand for students as well as adult en plein air groups.

In Richard’s current work we see his link to Thailand through the use of gold/silver leaf and the reoccurring Thai landscape. He regularly works with tar (bitumen) and a range of acrylic or oil paints in an expressionistic use of line. Richard is currently developing a new technical process in which he enlarges a photograph on canvas and paints over the surface. This work is popular and has created an active interest in the galleries of Thailand.

Many of Richards’projects involve working with clients to create commissioned paintings using specific design details and locations. This is a challenging way for him to incorporate his own process with a client’s vision. In describing his art Richard notes that, “Painting for me is a way of expressing the essence of line and movement whether in a nude, landscape or abstraction.”

Richard can be contact by email for purchases, to arrange a commission piece or discuss tours to Thailand.

email: [email protected]


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