Lauro Pedrezza

Artist Biography

Mexican artist Lauro Pedraza made his American debut this summer at the New York “Art Takes Times Square” digital art event. His work and that of fellow artists were displayed on immense digital boards covering four of the most iconic buildings in Times Square. The show was a grand sized introduction for Lauro who’s high energy landscapes/still life paintings fit the theme.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Lauro began painting at an early age and participated in a variety of classes and workshops throughout his area. The instructions proved beneficial as he learned to skillfully handle every art medium with ability and imagination. Today he looks to the Post impressionist works of Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cezanne for application of paint, distinctive brush strokes and real-life subject matter.

The work that Lauro chose for this gallery page is charged with light and artistic insight. After many years of experience, he uses “form” to deconstruct an object that’s rebuilt on canvas through composition and color. His work is as intentional as it is confident, with hard and soft portions in geometric shape and round forms that are often masked by distracted forces or organized into a sequence of hues. Lauro’s work is active, yet maintains the restraint and instinct of an artistic professional.

Currently, Lauro is exhibiting in several solo gallery events in Mexico and Italy with “An expression of the heart” in the interactive Grifio Gallery of Contemporary Art. He is also a participant of the international Celeste Prize, an online network competition for international artists. For more information about Lauro’s work and his upcoming exhibitions please visit the below web site.

Email: [email protected]


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