Jeffrey Milstein

Artist Biography

Several years ago Jeffrey Milstein launched a third career photographing public places and scenes that draw form daily events the extraordinary of landscapes, urban settings and subject. He first studied architecture at UC Berkeley and worked in the profession until starting a popular printing business that lead to his current and very successful work in photography. Mr. Milstein exhibits nationally and has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and periodicals.

His Feature Art Guide Page focuses on well-planned aircraft images that are partly the result of a lifelong interest for flying, and his travels to India and Cuba. His love for planes started when he received a pilot’s license at the age of 17. His stark aircraft images would be impossible to take on the ground due to lack of perspective and extended landing gear. These images were instead a very thoughtful choreograph of positioning himself and equipment at the end of a commercial runway to snap at the precise moment a plane traveling at 180mph overhead in take-off or landing as it centered in frame, at just the right distance and perpendicular to the camera lens. An extraordinary planned sequence of tasks that lead to each aircraft photo.

Included are Mr. Milstein’s travel photos that were taken away from tourist areas to capture life routines and scenery. These images are about color, patterns and texture, and offer the viewer an opportunity for study and also take a moment to look carefully at everyday matters in California trailer parks, India and Cuba.


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