Eva Fellner


Artist Biography

Hungarian born artist Eva Fellner lives in Vienna, Austria when not traveling to exhibitions. Her art career began early at the age of 14 when she was awarded first place in small sculptures at the highly competitive Budapest School of Art. While making her way through school and working as a restaurateur, she continued to study graphic design and Chinese paintings in Vienna. After university, she worked professionally showing her paintings as solo exhibitions in Italy, New York, Spain and China.

Today Eva’s art is in galleries and permanent collections around the world, and we are pleased that she generously shares with iGallerY her very professional works of vibrant color and energy. The direction and shape of her new art is an intimate insight that speaks to us through soft expressions and captured movements. She uses the flow of her brush to create painting gestures that lead from one shape into another with sinew and line technique that is as organic as it is voluptuous. Eva sums up her approach by saying “I scoop on the one hand from personal experiences and on the other hand from my observations. The basic idea presented in my work is that every living being within his environment interacts and rules his life independently. What arise from that experience becomes visible in my paintings.”

Contact: http://www.evafellner.net


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