Esther Barend

Artist Biography

Esther Barend was born in Eindhoven, Netherlands to an artistic family. After several years of study she moved to Paris, later Amsterdam and eventually returned home to establish herself as a jewelry designer. For several years Esther studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Belgium where she currently lives and continues to paint while raising a family.

Esther describes her ten year art career as “an unstoppable need to paint that is essential to her life.” In acrylic paint she explores the human form and re-interprets the female figure with expressive movements and color. Her flare for contemporary, fluid brush strokes communicate a very intentional sense of freedom and personal independence. Esther develops her portrait images around a focused silhouette that quickly evolve into a progression of high energy painting gestures. Confident strokes often lead to visually exotic, beautiful passages of color while her time at the canvas is translated to interior thought as noted by the painting titles.

Esther’s abstract paintings are non-representational compositions which she describes as “an unspoken, complex inner world that can only be translated with paint brush and color.” While her focus is on the ephemeral theme of emotion and environment, the abstracts also suggest practical understanding of her medium and years of experience.

Esther Barend paintings can be found in art galleries, corporate galleries and private collections throughout Belgium, Germany, New York, Luxemburg, Amsterdam, Paris and Tokyo.

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