Dale M Reid


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Artist Statement

Photography opened my eyes to the beauty and fragility of the world around me. After I left the structured corporate environment and changed genders, it allowed me to explore and develop my creativity. This sparked a new energy, passion and excitement in my life that continues to grow today and is reflective in the body of my artwork.

After experimenting with colored film, using a 35 mm camera, I was introduced to black and white film. I found a new method of expression that enabled me to make an emotional artistic statement without the distraction of color. I now use a medium format film camera. I favor the continued use of black and white film because the tactile approach allows for the continued evolution of my artistic style. Prior to clicking the shutter, I pay careful attention to the composition, the focus, the quality of lighting and anticipate printing the image in the darkroom. Additionally, the film grain allows me to produce a silver gelatin print with a three-dimensional feel that has depth, motion and warmth.

I continue to develop my own artistic approach with subjects selected based on what speaks to me emotionally. My artistic style of my artwork has evolved to echo that of the members of the Group f/64. However, I continue to experiment with different approaches, presenting new and innovative artwork.


Contemporary fine art photographer Dale M Reid has gone through many transitions in life: from leaving the corporate world and entering the art world, to the discovery of inter-femininity and a new outlook on life.

Photography has always played an important role in Dale’s life; however, since 1999 she has developed and moved into a second career as a fine art photographer. Dale’s outlook on life changed drastically when her life partner and soulmate was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Despite the challenges over the years, their relationship continues to grow stronger.

The portrayal of food as an art form is deeply rooted in cultural history. In Dale’s most recent series, she pursues this theme by creating erotic and thought provoking images of the oyster mushroom, depicting the texture and allure of an otherwise under-appreciated subject.

Dale’s artwork continues to be recognized internationally by juried art competitions resulting in the participations in group exhibitions, awards and nominations. In 2013, Dale was invited to have ten images from her oyster mushroom series featured in a Spanish photography magazine along with thirteen other international photographers. This international exposure has earned Dale several invitations to participate in art fairs throughout North America, Europe and the Far East.

Dale M Reid is currently based in Toronto, Canada.


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