Coia Ferrater

Artist Biography

Born in Catalunya Spain, Coia Ibáñez Ferrater was schooled in the arts from a very early age. She studied the Craft of Art at the Oficis Artístics de la Llotja de Barcelona and also majored with a professional degree in Music Education, specializing in guitar. In describing her art work, Coia says “I define my paintings as Mediterranean with three basic elements, sand, water and sunlight. You can find the sunlight not only in color, but also in the very bright pigments. Sometimes it shines with the effect of little mirrors.”

In her work Coia Ibanez uses a special technique, the result of years of experimentation, which allows her to create textures that are suggestive and almost sculptural in effect. They are dynamic compositions of sinuous lines, wheels, and repeats that punctuate her paintings which are full of iridescent sparks. The background: stories and characters inspired by her travels in China, New York, Egypt … and her own inner journey.

Coia’s paintings are open to different interpretations, original in form and content, captivating from the first moment and awakens our imagination. As Aleix Cort says, “Ibanez’s universe knows no fit to a box, but some of her ways can be restrained by canvas. She explores and teaches us all a new approach” Today her work is viewed in solo exhibitions through out her homeland of Spain as well as France, Germany and Italy. We are very please to present in iGallerY the work of this very experimental, gifted Spanish artist.

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