Chase Gilbert

Artist Biography

Landon Chase Gilbert is an award winning printmaker, photographer, and graphic designer from Odessa, Texas. Chase is primarily a printmaker, who focuses on the dynamic visual and cultural characteristics that define the Southwest. He grew up traveling through the Southwestern United States, and the experiences he had in New Mexico and Texas greatly influenced his design processes and methods. “My inspiration comes from God as the creator of all things,” states Gilbert, “I am in awe of His creations, especially in the Southwest. It is fascinating how cultures can take what little is given to them and produce so much more. This is why I am drawn to old-world American Cowboys and Native American Indians. They adapted well in a desolate – and beautiful – landscape. I also enjoy the stark contrasts of each culture, and I try to reflect those elements in my work.”

Chase graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. While in college, he focused on honing his skills in printmaking, photography, and jewelry and graphic design. After graduating, Chase realized his desire to expose the depth and complexities of Southwestern Landscapes, Native American Culture, and Christianity through the development of his business, C.Gilly.

C.Gilly is divided into two major departments: printmaking and jewelry products, and photography and design services. Chase’s company has generated a commercial interest in Southwestern designs over the last five years. His jewelry products are sold through his website and have generated a diverse following of buyers. Chase’s work has also been featured in numerous art exhibitions, including: the Midland Art Association’s Fall Exhibit, the Alpine Artwalk, the Creede Art Council’s National Small Print Show, September Fest at the Museum of the Southwest, and Aspencade Arts Fair. The image from C.Gilly’s “Don’t Mess with the Chief – Chief Knockout,” from his series “Natives in Sports,” has also been featured on Wall Street in New York City, as well as the Maverick Inn in Alpine. C.Gilly’s clientele list for photography services also includes: Rebecca Lynch Hathaway Style Management, Emily Gilbert Designs, Midland Art Magazine, Overhaul Magazine, and FD Luxe Magazine.

Chase continues to challenge himself technically and conceptually in printmaking and he attributes his success to the unique way he overlaps subtractive and additive design components. He reveals, “I use combinations of woodcut and monotype techniques in my work. Each method has a specific strength and I have found success by learning how to harness the character each gives to the produced images.”

As a printmaker, photographer, and jewelry creator Chase Gilbert has already established a creative presence in Southwestern inspired designs. In the future, he would like to expand the C.Gilly brand in art galleries and collective studios throughout the United States and abroad. Ultimately, Chase would like to create an innovative “Design Haus,” which would give up-and-coming artists access to design technology and equipment. Chase’s philosophy adds to his aspirations, “Everyone has a story to tell. In my artwork I flip that concept. I believe that everyone is a story, and when you look into someone’s eyes you can see it. That story is their truth. It is my job, then, to make that story come to life.”


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