Charles Henry Eldridge

Artist Biography

Thank you for taking your time to view the “ANP Gallery”! To view my more extensive portfolio, you can go to my website or become a fan on Facebook. I hope my images ease your mind, body, and soul.
I am from a town in Northern New York called Queensbury, in the Foothills of the Adirondacks. Growing up being the adventurous type, I would spend my early days fishing the Clendon Brook, and playing in the woods surrounding my house, which included West Mtn., my “Gateway to the Adirondacks”! Dad would take us fishing (and as we grew older, hunting) all through the Adks., giving me a love and respect for the natural world that surrounds us all. The deep roots I have here, set by generations of my family before me, and the love of the land and it’s inhabitants, has given me the burning desire to preserve and protect it for future generations. Through my photography I capture the beautiful images that Nature has to offer every second of the day, hoping to open the eyes (and hearts) of folks, to join in the efforts to protect our environment, and to pass the torch to future generations. I hope you enjoy my works! Stay well, live large, and peace be the journey! -CHE


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