The Artist Course: Being & Business

September 13, 2020 / Helen Kachur

Join Latela Curatorial for The Artist Course: Being & Business. An online course essential for anyone looking to further ignite their creative Self, build a new business in the creative industry, or level up their already existing creative business / artist practice.

This course provides a holistic approach to tapping into creative potential, exercising voice with purpose, and creative business development/refinement. This 40 day online immersion is sculpted to stimulate emerging & established artists in deepened purpose.


We begin September 22, 2020
Payment plans & scholarships are available.


Week 1 :: THE SELF ~ Developing rituals, identifying who/what, establishing deep purpose.

Week 2 :: THE CREATIVE CYCLE ~ Breaking through creative blocks, deepening the why, voice refinement.

Week 3 :: THE ARTIST ~ Artist Statements, Inventory/Catalog, Effective Portfolio Communication.

Week 4 :: THE BUSINESS ~ Business Plan, Marketing Strategies, Social Media, Contracts & Proposals, Writing & Securing Grants, Collaborations, Partnerships, Licensing, Fine Art Printing, Editions, Pricing, Large Brands/Sponsorship, Editorial Calendars, Time Management.

Week 5 :: THE ARTWORLD ~ Finding & Retaining Clients/Collectors, Press, Building Relationships with Galleries, Curators & Art Consultants, Navigating Art Fairs & other Artworld Exhibiting Opportunities (includes templates for craft fairs & other creative business exhibition/sales/marketing culture not specifically associated with fine art galleries).

Week 6 :: THE SURRENDER + TRUST ~ Maintaining rituals, developing instinct, mind-mapping, goal-setting & portfolio expansion.

What’s included in this course?
– Private online portal for participants with uploaded lectures, videos, guided meditations & additional tools
– Meditations for Creative Unblocking + Intuition Refinement
– Assignments for you to dive deeper refining who you are as a creative vessel
– Multiple lectures a week that cover syllabus topics in depth; can be accessed at any time
– Regular connection to a community of like-minded artists and creatives
– Proven accountability method to actually keep you on course track

If your art is about and from you, then it makes sense you need to get to know yourself to communicate strong messaging when it comes to propelling your art business forward.

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