Las Laguna Art Gallery Presents Purely Abstract: Group Exhibition

May 24, 2021 / Helen Kachur


Las Laguna Art Gallery presents Purely Abstract: Group Exhibition.

True abstract art not only utilizes flexibility and freedom; it also employs bold uses of color, line, pattern, form, process, mark making and composition. There are several speculative ideas behind abstract art. While a few have taken the proposal of abstract being ‘art for art’s sake,’ that artwork should be simply about the creation of striking effects, other people have proposed art can or should be similar to music; in that just as music is patterns of sound, art’s consequence should be created by patterns of form, color and/or line.

For this Call for Entry Las Laguna Art Gallery asked artists to provide abstract works in a variety of mediums.

Selected from hundreds of local, national and international submissions, this unique collection of work provides a snapshot into the Abstract works being created today.

This exhibition can be seen at our gallery located in Laguna Beach, California as well as viewed online at:

Above Image: Jeffrey Davis 'Purple Anti-Gravity' Acrylic on Glass 
22 Inches x 22 Inches, $2,500