The Room Exhibition Art Fair I Edition

Bauhaus Home Gallery

Aug. 31, 2020, 12:00 am

Via del Pigneto 3, Rome, Italy

The selections are open for the artistic project The Room Exhibition Art Fair which will take place in the summer at the Bauhaus Home Gallery, (multipurpose exhibition space Rome Art Week and Open Gallery Biennale MArte Live) located in the famous and historic Pigneto district, atelier house and residence of artists that from 2020 opens the doors to the public also as B & b.

The artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their creations by showing them to a wide and varied audience (even those who usually do not attend galleries and art fairs !!) who will enjoy the privilege of staying in an atelier house and will experience the charm of art: a house / museum where the furnishing and design complements are taken from the works themselves, a place of choice for art that also incorporates the principle of the Wunderkammer, to allow the individual to enjoy constant and daily enjoyment, but also personal and intimate. Guests will also be able to purchase the works on display and whenever possible to wrap them and bring them directly to their home.

Regulations: Artistic disciplines admitted: 1. painting (pop, landscape, figurative, abstract, false author) 2. photography 3. digital art 4. furniture and design 5. sculpture (max weight 25.00 kg) Free Thematic; A free-sized work; Exhibition period (chosen by the artist, to be indicated in the application form):
03.08.2020 / 31.08.2020

Free pre-selection
Participation fee 20.00 Euros (twenty Euros) only for the artists who will have had a positive result in the pre-selection

Send an email to [email protected] with port-folio of works, artistic CV in the event of a positive outcome, the selected artists will be able to complete the registration in the manner indicated in the complete forms.
Curator: Dr. Ilaria Giacobbi Historian and art critic, accredited curator ROME ART WEEK, Art Director Bauhaus Home Gallery, Collective President 2 (be) Art. The event will take place under the patronage of: MIBAC – REGIONE LAZIO – ASSESSORATO ALLA CRESCITA CULTURALE COMUNE DI ROMA – L’Unione Internazionale degli Istituti di Archeologia, Storia e Storia dell’Arte in Roma – SAPIENZA UNIVERSITA’ DI ROMA – CIU (Confederazione Italiana di Unione delle professioni intellettuali) – ASSOTURISMO (Federazione Italiana del Turismo) – ASSOHOTEL

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