The Performer


Jun. 7, 2020, 12:00 am

V.N.Odero, Rome, Italy

THE PERFORMER Call for Exhibition

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design
Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. October 2020

In the next exhibition the figure of the performer will be our gaze’s protagonist .
The gathered works will once again make explicit the role of the photographic medium, already highlighted with the experiences of the performing arts since the 1960s, in the process of creation and diffusion, as well as documentation, analysis and interpretation of the performative act.
The key element is the “gesture”, as in any type of performative performance: artistic, theatrical, choreographic, musical, etc., understood as a set of signs of a corporeal and primitive language, as cultural codes that concern behavior, through which the performer seeks contact, involvement and often active participation.
The figure of the performer is thus recalled as the author of the artistic performance but also of the athletic one, where aesthetics, balance of form, harmony of gesture become visual stimuli that involves the emotional sphere of the observer.

Submissions at
Deadline 7th June 2020

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