Open Call IN-SONORA 11


Mar. 31, 2020, 12:00 am

Calle Pico Moncayo 17, Madrid, Spain


IN-SONORA is a platform aimed to support and show experimental artistic proposals related to sound and interactive art from an open and multidisciplinary point of view. Since 2005 IN-SONORA has coordinated activities and bets for this international biennial event in Madrid.

This event is open to installations and sound and interactive objects, live experimental events, sound pieces, video pieces, twitter residences, public presentations, workshops…


Who can participate:

Spanish artists and foreigner 18 years or older of any nationality are permitted to participate. However, special attention is paid to emerging artists or those who have not participated previously in the event.

Date / When to apply:

Applications for IN-SONORA 11 can be submitted from the 01 of February to the 31 of March of 2019. Projects will not be accepted after this date.

IN-SONORA 11 Sound and Interactive Art Festival will be held in March of 2020. The dates will be specified once projects have been selected.

Proposals’ requirements:

Each participant can present as many proposals as he/she wishes. Each proposal should be followed by its relevant request.

The selected proposal must be produced before the end of 2019 and have everything necessary for the presentation.

Disciplines considered for this Open Call:

Installation. (Sound / Interactive / Sound and Interactive / Audiovisual). Object, installation, or intervention, which needs a fixed amount of space for the presentation.

Event. Direct proposal between 20 and 40 minutes long for your presentation either in an auditorium or some alternate space.

Sound Piece. A work of electroacoustic nature of a fixed format (Acousmatics) of at most 10 minutes; meant to play over stereo speakers without needing the creator. Specify if it is a multichannel work.

Video. Audiovisual work of at most 10 minutes to be presented over a projector in a room with stereo sound.

Twitter Residence. Project meant to be developed over 7 consecutive days on the twitter account @twIn_sonora.

Workshop. Short monographic program to be taught in some classroom or other alternative space.

Conference. Accessible public presentation of at most an hour long.

Documentation will be asked in the online form:

))) Personal information (first name and last name, place and date of birth, nationality,
address, city, country of residence).

))) Contact details (email, URL, phone, social)
))) Personal picture (landscape format 1200 px and 300 dpi resolution)
))) Biography (max. 700 characters).

))) Details of the work (title, year, conceptual description (max. 500 characters), technical description (max. 500 characters), size and approximate duration and current status of the work.

))) Images (landscape format 1200 px and 300 dpi resolution)
))) Audio and video information. They will need to be online (myspace, soundcloud, youtube, vimeo, personal URL…) and the link will be required for its listening or viewing.
))) Full dossier. Optional with .pdf format (5 MB maximum with selectable text).

))) Dossier with documentation of previous works. Optional with .pdf format (5 MB maximum with selectable text).

Submit the documentation:

Applications must be submitted exclusively through
The online form must be fully completed and follow the guidelines regarding text size, format and weight of the files… that are outlined.

For more information write to: [email protected]


The jury will be composed of IN-SONORA team members and professionals in the world of sound and interactive art. An undetermined number of pieces of each format will be selected, taking into account the quality and viability of the proposals.

The jury reserves the right to request more information about the work of the participants, if necessary, for a proper assessment.

The verdict of the jury will be announced from 20 April, 2019. The list of the elected participants will be sent by email to all registered participants and posted on the web:

Spaces and institutions supporting IN-SONORA 11

IN-SONORA is working in 2019 in order to get the best scenario for the selected works. So far, we can announce the collaboration with these institutions and spaces: Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Ayuntamiento de Madrid y Medialab Prado.

In addition, the cooperation of IED Madrid, with their students of the One Year Course of Digital Arts and Experiences design.

IN-SONORA commitment:

The IN-SONORA association works every year to develop and carry out an exhibition of international and interactive sound art in the city of Madrid.
With this objective, it carries out different tasks:

– The launching of an international public call, widespread in all the media and among its collaborators.
– The reception and study of all the projects received by the Jury selecting the optimum number of works.
– Contact with different cultural spaces in Madrid that will host the exhibition

– Exhibition coordination and the designing of the general program and showrooms, taking into account the needs of each work.
– Seeking grants (support) to improve the conditions of artists, staff and equipment so as to increase the commitments outlined here.
– Press and broadcasting of the entire program on the website; in a printed publication and among professional networks, bulletins and keeping in contact with the media.
– Technical equipment. IN-SONORA has an assembly technician who studies all the installations and gives facilities to the artists and a sound technician who attends live events.
– Basic equipment ownership of IN-SONORA is at disposal for live events.

Artist´s contribution

-The works presented must be technically achieved already. The artists are responsible for providing the technical means to properly present the works during the exhibition.
– Artists will accept the space assigned to them in the festival and collaborate on the possible adaptation of their work.
– IN-SONORA cannot afford transportation fees, insurances, per diem, etc
– The selected artists will release the exhibition rights to IN-SONORA, whether this be images, writings or documentation produced during the exhibition, only to be used for the promotion of the project and not for any commercial purposes. Under the regulations stated in Creative Commons By-NC-SA.
– The artists with installations will be in charge of the assembly and dismantling of their piece. Those with events must be present on rehearsal days and also deal with the assembly and dismantling of the stage.
– Complete all the required fields. Those that can provide further information can do so by using the online form located at
– Enthusiasm, commitment and ability to work the IN-SONORA team, since they have put forth the effort to make this event possible.

If you participate as an artist in this event you are acknowledging and agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined previously in these guidelines. In the case that the artist does not comply with the requirements hereby detailed within this document, his/her application will be dismissed.

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