Baroque Blue: Ionion Art Experience in Italy

Primo Piano Special Projects

Jul. 7, 2020, 12:00 am

Strada Santa Caterina, Nardò, Italy

Baroque Blue is an art residency open to artists, architects, designers, performers, musicians, writers, who will be able to apply individually or in multidisciplinary groups.

The artistic residence, an ideal and often idyllic place, becomes a fundamental stop for artists, who want to seek a new inspiration for their art, to live a unique experience that allows them to get in touch with nature and with other artists . A locus amoenus, an opportunity for cultural exchange and deep involvement that leads to concrete enrichment not only from an artistic but also a personal point of view. The residence offers a stay of research, study and relax in an area rich in history and culture in which the landscape and architectural wonders encourage and stimulate new creative productions.

Participants will have the opportunity to live in the same living spaces, cook together and live the experience of total art. All the services are available in the villa for a pleasant and stimulating stay. Participants have the opportunity to explore fascinating places and live in close contact with the surrounding environment, but also to relax in the fresh waters of Salento, without sacrificing work and / or conviviality with other guests.

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