Art Woman 2020 Geo-Graphies

Palmieri Foundation

Mar. 21, 2020, 12:00 am

Vico dei Sotterranei, Lecce, Italy

Primo Piano Special Project is pleased to announce the “Geo-Graphies” exhibition for ART WOMAN 2020. The exhibition will take place at the Palmieri Foundation in the old city of Lecce from 7 to 21 March 2020. The exhibition is curated by Dores Sacquegna, and it is under Auspicies of the Municipality of Lecce because it is included in the calendar of Itinerario Rosa, an artistic itinerary dedicated to women artists. Palmieri Foundation is located in the Renaissance church of Saint Sebastian in the old city of Lecce. After various uses and a careful restoration by the noble Palmieri family this splendid place has been restored to the visibility of international visitors, thanks to a program of artistic and cultural events.

About theme: Geo (earth) and Graphia (writing) become the key concepts on which the plurality of the various artistic interventions required here are grafted. The relationship with the earth, myth, work, prayer, dreams, abstractions, rituals are just some of the nomadic words that can be taken into consideration for a search outside and within time and that can activate in the observer , the sense of the world, which every human being must carry with him starting from his own cultural roots.Like an ancient prayer made of silences, the artist woman thinks and creates with her slow and introspective rhythm: a therapy that makes art a means to live healthy and that marks the geography of our time.

Theme and Medium
With a view to offering Artists the widest possible remit – Artworks can be on any theme, in any medium 2D, Fine Art Photography, Printing, 3D, Installations, Sound, Light, Video, New Media, Interactive works etc.

Publicity & Marketing
• Flyer and Invitation to artists, collectors, audience;
• PDF Catalog (to share and download) with curatorial text and picture on each artist;
• Press release with link to download catalog;
• Magazine, website and newspaper reports in kit press;
• Banner and posters;
• All the works on display can be for sale.
• All unpublished projects / works (never published) and realized for this event are welcome. Otherwise works can be exhibited that have been carried out in the last three years. Among the unpublished works will be selected up to five artists who will be given the opportunity to be included in the art project catalog / volume “INVENTORY 2020” for free. To learn more visit website.
ART WOMAN 2020 is a unique exhibiting opportunity not to be missed!

Further Info and Full Guideline and Application Form at [email protected]

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