Art Without Audience – Call for Artists

NRVK - Neuer Ravensburger Kunstverein

Jun. 30, 2019, 12:00 am

Möttelinstrasse 17, Ravensburg, Germany

NRVK is a small, non-profit, volunteer-run art and exhibition space in Ravensburg, South Germany.

Between October 2018 and June 2019, each month we invite one of the eight selected artists to realise their projects in and around the city of Ravensburg.

We are looking for:

– public interventions
– subversive strategies
– unsolicited performances
– unusual ideas
– any kind of live art, or
– unexpected forms of conceptual embodiment
– Short: any kind of artistic endeavour unfolding outside the usual art context and not in need of any kind of educated or prepared audience (or any spectator at all).

You get: – 500.-€


– You should have fun, or at least being glad having an opportunity, to do what ever you plan to do.

– We should have fun, or at least not getting in trouble, because of what you are going to do.

– There is a fee of 500.-€ we pay to participating artists, covering all costs related to the project, incl. production, documentation, travel, accommodation etc.

– You have to be in Ravensburg during the realisation of your project. This does not mean, your work has necessary to be in Ravensburg.

– There are no restrictions on the duration of your stay or nature of your work.

– The project has to be documented in a suitable form.

– At the end of your stay, you have to present your project or rather the documentation of your project during a public event at NRVK, Ravensburg. (And yes, this time in front of an audience!)

For application form, please send an email to: [email protected]

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