Annual Awards for Art About Big Global Concerns

Red Line Art Works

Jan. 31, 2019

Henrietta Street, Bath, Bath, England

Final Callout for 2018. Entry is FREE. We are a global arts project with a global audience and we are open to all art forms and creative media, worldwide. We show young or emerging artists as well as established, international artists.

We show art works which reflect the big global concerns which threaten humanity or our planet, e.g. : The Climate Crisis, Bad Leaders or Governance, Patriarchy & Mysogyny, Inequality, Poverty, War & Conflict, Xenophobia & Racism, Environmental Degradation, Human Rights abuse, Refugees & Migration, etc (see website for more). The big global concerns are being recognised and reflected by artists everywhere.

We make one Award for a Series of art works (a bronze trophy and £200) and one for a single art work (a bronze trophy and £100).

Entry is FREE and as easy as we can make it – details on our website.

Red Line Art Works


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