Anima Mundi: Imagining Change

Palmieri's Foundation

Jul. 31, 2021, 12:00 am

Vico dei Sotterranei, Lecce, Italy

“The soul of our civilization depends on the civilization of our soul. The imagination of our culture requires a culture of imagination “

Each of us is a Changemaker. This year we were, in spite of ourselves, witnesses of an already present future: in a very short time we had to imagine and find solutions to face a new reality, to the challenge that covid-19 has imposed on our society, but also to change perspective, experimenting solutions to various environmental and technological problems.

ANIMA MUNDI is a research project that aims to enhance, identify and define the key values ​​of health and well-being of the terrestrial ecosystem, also with eco-sustainable solutions, to improve the relationship between man, nature, urban place and the environment.

Paraphrasing the theories of contemporary philosophers such as James Hillman, it is our duty to reflect on the clichés of Western culture and on the evils that afflict the world, to find – through our imagination – a new consciousness in the sacredness of things, in the reality that transcends this reality , in that natural magic that can help create positive change.

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